Important Links

All workshop participants are asked to select an essay or section from a book on which to present. As soon as you have been selected to be a participant in the workshop, you can sign up for a presentation here.

Participants will have access a dropbox folder with pdf’s of some of Ahmed’s work that I have amassed thus far. You can access it here. Please let me know if you are unable to access this folder. Also, feel free to upload documents to it directly, or send your pdf’s to me and I will make sure to post them. This way, we can ensure that all workshop participants are able to access all the necessary material.  In addition, there will be a GoogleDrive folder in which you can upload the handout for your presentation. Also, the sign-up sheet with the list of texts, as well as any other working documents, can be located in that folder. You can access it here.

If you would like me to print off a handout for your presentation, please send them to me at by Monday May 15th. Also, all are welcome to upload their handouts to a google drive folder here. We will have AV setup in the room for any presentations as well. As in previous years, if you are able, please bring a laptop or tablet with you to the workshop (although it’s not necessary). Some participants have opted to use Google Docs to create collective documents during our sessions.

A list of restaurants that are located near Center City that might be of interest to many of you will be posted in the google drive folder here.

In the wrap-up session, we’ll discuss various ways the workshop can be improved in the future. We’ll be asking for comments which you can post online here.