What’s new?

Workshop participants have continued to work on the texts we studied during this workshop. In ascending order, some (if not all) of the presentations and publications will be listed here.

Philosophy Born of Struggle XXII 2015 Annual Meeting, Embodied Philosophy and Epistemologies of Liberation, University of Connecticut STORRS, November 6-7, 2015.

Jasmine Wallace, Villanova University, “Fabulous Muscles: A Sociogenic Analysis of the Tense Colonial Body”

Elisabeth Paquette, York University, “Embodiments of Autopoiesis”

Muhammad Velji, McGill University, “Seizing the Means of the Opiate Reward/Punishment System: Wynter’s Liberatory Biology”

Andrea J. Pitts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, “The Medicalized Body of Coloniality: Compliance and Truth-telling in Biomedicine”

Alice Everly, McGill University, “Shock and Unsettling: Resistance to Austerity as Paradigm Disruption”