We have accepted 24 participants this year. In order to maintain small seminar style discussion, participants will be divided into two groups of 12. Each of the two groups will read the same texts. A finalized schedule will be made to everyone by May 1st, but it is safe to assume that the workshop will take place each day from 9AM until 5PM. In an attempt to vary our interactions throughout these long days, the hosted activist and/or pedagogy sessions will likely be held at the end of each day.

Each presenter is allocated 1 hour and 20 minutes for their presentation. Ideally, presentations will consist of an overview of the participant’s section of the text and group discussion. Presentations are not meant to be lectures but rather facilitated conversations about our materials. The idea is that in each session, a person is responsible for presenting the material from to the group. Each participant is expected to have read all the material, but is only responsible for guiding conversations on one text in particular. Each participant is also expected to attend the entire workshop. The hope is that collaboratively we can come to better understand the majority of an author’s work, and develop an in-depth understanding of how the author’s many texts fit together.



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