This workshop will take place over 4-5 days. Each day is to be comprised of 2 3-hour sessions, and each session will be led by a workshop participant. The idea is that in each session, a person is responsible for presenting the material from to the group. Each participant is expected to have read all the material, but is only responsible for guiding conversations on one text in particular. Each participant is also expected to attend the entire workshop. The hope is that collaboratively we can come to better understand the majority of an author’s work, and develop an in-depth understanding of how the author’s many texts fit together.

In order to facilitate the active engagement of all participants, we aim to keep the workshop to about 10-12 participants. We aim to invite both senior graduate students and junior faculty from Canada and the United States. Doing so, I believe, will allow for a more balanced collaborative atmosphere. This workshop will culminate in a discussion (most likely over Skype) with an expert on the author we are discussing that year.


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