This workshop will take as its primary objective an attempt to participate in the project of decolonizing philosophy. One of the current limitations that scholars who work on decolonial theory and critical race theory face is that they are often dispersed. In addition to being dispersed, a great amount of the work of people of colour is not included in the core curricula of philosophy programs across Canada and the United States. As such, one of the goals of this conference is to build community support. In addition, we aim to produce new avenues of philosophical inquiry.

As noted by Leonard Harris in Philosophy of Philosophy: Conflict Between Communities, “Whoever defines the ‘knowledge of knowledge’ owns and controls what can be thought of as authorized knowledge.”[1] As such, part of the practice of decolonizing philosophy must also come down to the content we study, and engaging in questions of who constitutes a philosopher, or what constitutes philosophy, and broadening these categories to be more inclusive of the work of the many persons of colour who are currently marginalized in the study of philosophy. For this reason, we aim to engage in seldom addressed texts from the history of philosophy by people of colour, including those texts which take as their focus critical race theory or decolonial studies.

A further feature of this workshop is the facilitation of co-teaching. We aim to make this a space in which we not only teach each about the various aspects of a person’s work, but also to enable each participant to continue to engage in these works and disseminate any knowledge they gain through the workshop at their respective institutions.

[1] Leonard Harris, “Philosophy of Philosophy: Conflict between Communities,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 35, no. 1-2 (2014): 1-12.


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